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2:34pm 08-08-2017
I'm here at roadhouse a lot to help support my friends shop yet I never see anyone here to even enjoy and eye candy, the hell is wrong with SL are they greedy noadays that they won't show up unless lindens are available, whatever happened to just shop up and enjoy the music
7:17am 08-07-2017
Paul & Meagan
Please Help & Share~!~!

4:23am 06-24-2017
Molokai Sharkfin
Cool place!
3:13am 06-24-2017
calli crouse

Would you Like to Be on our Mailing list?

I think your the best dj in second life and your a great friend too .KEEP ON ROCKIN
9:50pm 06-12-2017
kittyboo snowpaw
Do visit your friends store like SL used to be, there was a time friends would visit the shops and there was a time visitors would visit your shop to check it out, now, visitors won't visit your shop unless they know they will win cash from you from a traffic builder, it's a true shame
9:43pm 06-12-2017
I looooove this place so much! DJ Martinie plays the best music all around and if you have requests for songs he delivers!
Also Paul, Your wife is in my prayers hun and I hope she gets well soon. Shes a strong woman and she has an amazing man to help her get through this tough time. Love you both <3
7:48pm 06-05-2017
cowl Macpherson: yu lucky you have a wife my bf wont get married cause he will lose a lot of his Disability money and utility money
[04:49 PM] cowl Macpherson: ever feel like everything goes only halfway ? thats my life
[04:49 PM] MARTINIE Ahn: Reason you get married , it to committ to each other ,, it has nothing to do with Money or Health...
6:26pm 05-28-2017
Darrin kleinatland
Hey friend sorry about all that's happening .Hope everything gets better with her and you and hope it all goes back to the same ....God works strange ways tell ya brother hang in there we are all praying for you and her
9:43pm 05-25-2017
We got your back, be surprised what parts of the body can self heal
10:43pm 05-23-2017
RwbNightfyre Residen
Hello DJ Martinie aka paul. I enjoyed my time at your club and am praying for your wife's full recovery, as are pthers worldwide as well.
6:10pm 05-23-2017
Martinie we have been friends for years and you know your have been there for everyone in sl who needed a friend and needed a good place to enjoy sl for a few hours you showed us a big heart and a hard head but we love ya i hope Meagan gets better and hope that there will be more of your music and years in the future we are praying for you and your family during these hard times and know that we stand with you through out this ordeal
12:04am 05-18-2017
Lorissa Redman
Best,rockingest Dj in sl.
6:02pm 05-06-2017
I love this DJ.... good dancer too )
11:55pm 05-03-2017
if love is a thang then DJ martinie would be ontop
11:52pm 05-03-2017
This has sure been an experience. I can see where you are more an entertainer than a DJ.
Messages: 61 until 75 of 128.
Number of pages: 9
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